2T Cattle Guards

Providing the public with the security of a cattle guard that does not require a pit that has to be maintained. This unique design allows simple and quick installation, and easy relocation of the cattle guard while keeping the roadway undisturbed. The best portable cattle guard the industry has to offer. No more gates to open, or finding a gate left open with cattle in places they are not meant to be. Sleep well at night knowing that your livestock is secure.




This design also speeds and simplifies installation. You only need to pick the sight and lower the unit into place (assuming the site is smoothed out as described above). You do not need to anchor the unit to the ground. This also allows the unit to be relocated when needed. Making it perfect for constructions sites, rotational grazing, hay fields, hay barns and seasonal pastures.




Because there is no pit underneath the unit, the environment is protected and soil erosion is eliminated. Also small animals cannot become trapped and expire underneath the floor as they can in a pit. Ground disturbance is eliminated and your roadway remains intact.






Site Preparation

Site preparation is minimal. A smooth, firm surface is required to support the floor and the crossing vehicle. Hill slopes are acceptable locations, but a stop on the downhill side may be required to keep the unit in place. When the vehicle is on the floor of the collapsed cattleguard it is basically driving over a series of pipe laying on the ground. So the ground is what is bearing all of the weight. That is why you need to make sure the ground under the unit is smooth and firm. Dirt, pavement, concrete or gravel are all acceptable pad sites. DO NOT place the unit over a ditch.



Each unit measurement is the inside driving clearance. The overall footprint is 14″ greater, i.e. the 10′ unit is actually 11′ 2″ overall. Each unit is 8′ across and weighs approximately 1500 pounds. 2 3/8″ pipe ( .191 to .164 wall thickness) is used for the floor and 6″ pipe for the vertical end pieces.






Weight Capacity

The guard has an H25 rating.
A per axle weight of 40,000 pounds or greater will NOT damage the unit.
We have customers that use these for concrete trucks, logging trucks, cattle trucks and oil field trucks. We have a customer in Florida that uses them at various construction sites and he has a D9 Cat that they cross into those sites with. So it will withhold more weight than you will ever expose it to. You need to be sure to have the site preped so that it is smooth with no depressions or ridges running across it and the vehicles need to slow to around 5 mph upon accessing the unit. There is no need for servicing or maintenance to the unit. These units have been placed in high traffic areas, and areas where large equipment passes over them daily.




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EZ Cattle Guard!