2T Cattle Guards

Providing the public with the security of a cattle guard that does not require a pit that has to be maintained. This unique design allows simple and quick installation, and easy relocation of the cattle guard while keeping the roadway undisturbed. The best portable cattle guard the industry has to offer. No more gates to open, or finding a gate left open with cattle in places they are not meant to be. Sleep well at night knowing that your livestock is secure.



Gate Wing Cattle Guards

Cattle guards with gate wings (unpainted):
10′ $3150
12′ $3250
14′ $3350
16′ $3450
18′ $3700
20′ $4000
This model allows you to retain an existing gate at entrances or other sites where gates are still desired. For a painted guard please add $200 to the price.


The paint that we use is an industrial enamel and wears well. The standard color is black although we can accommodate your needs with custom colors to blend in with your ranch or home scheme. If you need another color, please advise us when you place your order. 


It takes about 900 pounds to compress the unit, so a four wheeler can go over the unit without lowering it. As soon as the vehicle enters the unit the floor collapses rapidly and flattens next to the ground. There is a spring in each end that pulls the floor up into position after you have driven across the unit. A hydraulic cylinder retards the rate of rise so that the floor does not catch your vehicle as you drive across. When the vehicle exits the unit the floor begins a slow rise taking 25 – 30 seconds to return to the original position. This allows very long trailers to be towed safely over the unit without any danger of hanging up on the floor.


The springs carry a lifetime replacement warranty.
The cylinders have a 2 year replacement warranty.
The customer is responsible for removing the failed part and shipping it to 2T Mfg.


If you need a freight quote we will need a town and the zip code for the destination of the order. You are also welcome to pick up your order or arrange delivery yourself.



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EZ Cattle Guard!